Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a quick note

Haven't been able to find wireless internet much, so I just uploaded the last 3 day's worth of posts below - have fun! And thanks so much for actually reading these. It gives me a lot more motivation to keep up with this knowing people actually read them! 40 miles today, may rain. Fun!


  1. Ryan-san,
    Just typed a note and then it dissapeared - don't know if I got it out or not! Try again, as they say!
    Glad the locals are taking good care of you! I am enjoying the blog immensely!! Gramps will be happy to have more to read with the latest entries.
    Auntie SJ

  2. Dear RT,
    Ordered the Trike. Bought tickets to Melbourne - 2K but all finally covered with travel miles (this took most of the day). Emailed you the itinerary. Will arrive MEL 11:15 AM Monday 2/23/09. Booked ferry tickets from Melbourne to Tasmania. Leave at 8:00 PM 2/23/09. You will need to make reservations eventually. The bikes are heavily subsidized but $532 round trip for the two of us with ocean view recliners. Will cross back to MEL on Fri 3/13/09 - leave at 8:00 PM. Arrive at 6:00 AM. I've made reservations at the Airport Hilton with an early check-in. Another freebie from travel expenses. We can drop off the gear at the hotel then head for Greenspeed where they will break down the Trike and pack it for shipment to the US. United Air wanted to charge me $200.00 for each air segment in order to ship our 25 lb. Burley Lite trailer because it was a few inches over their maximum allowable for a checked bag. I was going to completely disassemble it (on principle) but eventually decided to buy a new Burley Nomad (like yours) -- perhaps in Australia. The new trailer (folds to below their size restriction) costs less than their shipping fee!!!! Go figure. The trip is falling into place.

    We're looking forward to Christmas with Justin and the Tucson crowd. We'll sure miss you here.

    The Pa

  3. Oh, contraire, Justin! When I read,"Hundreds of clouds dressed in their cotton ball best were lofting, leaving much of the sky clear and warm," my eyes swelled with tears reflecting the sunrise over the purple mountains of the Great Southwest, where the twitterings of the little birds softly sound, awakening the little bunnies whose fluffy tails, dressed in their cotton ball best were lofting.
    Justin, prose is just one of those rare inherited traits.

  4. Pat, I have considered your comments on “prose”. I have taken a rough straw poll and the results tally like this:

    Don’t mention fluffy clouds again: 12945763.0123
    Continue to emasculate yourself: 3

    The people have spoken.

    Ryan, I would just follow the age old rule: bro’s before prose. It has never led me astray. By the way, I spoke with your brother and Clint the other day. I think all three of us had been at work last week for roughly 130 hours each; we all came to the conclusion that we hate you very much. Actually, on second thought I don’t think hate does the emotion justice, loath is a better word. We also discussed the need to repeat another river trip so start looking.

  5. bros before prose... that is classic.

    i feel so left out of the mcwilliams impracticality...

    here is ryan "getting away from it all" by hauling a trailer with solar panels and a hundred pounds of electronics, and my parents meeting him on a reclining pedal-driven monstrosity that costs more than a car. i feel that i can only prove my mcwilliams heritage by paddling to australia on a ten-thousand dollar inner tube, then meeting them in tasmania on my 10 foot tall unicycle with mounted 42" plasma TV. this should sound entirely reasonable.

  6. 130 hours, what two bit, part time place are you working Cox. You must have one of those cushy government type jobs.

    Its good to see you actually picked up some sunscreen. You are a Dr. right. :)

  7. As usual, The Mom knows all. Speaking of McWilliams' impracticality, (Loaded question coming up to The Bro):"Justin, how are those $500.00 dollar Italian shoes that you bought holding up?"


    Where did you find that 10,000.00 inner tube?


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