Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/6/2009 - Random Notes

Today, I have planned a pretty boring schedule. I have to make it back to Auckland as I am taking the car back in tomorrow morning early. That means I get to drive about 3 hours and have to find a campground that has room for me. I figure I will camp there, leave all my stuff with their office, and then pick up my bike and ride it down through the city without the trailer. I'll be able to cross on the ferry and will be past the south side of Auckland if I stay in Manakau, making it easier to start out the next day.

The only flaw in this plan is that I do not know when the bike will be done.

The morning is filled with the thrill of laundry, which has needed to be done for some time judging by the musky odor of the car. Mmmmm.

IMGP1152.JPGImproving the smell of my car, one article of clothing at a time.

Head out around noon. It is another beautiful day.

IMGP1153.JPGCrossing over the Coromandel Peninsula - once again, glad I can car this one. Steep and curvy.

It takes a few hours before I finally make it in to Manakau, south of Auckland.

IMGP1155.JPGSome more typical New Zealand scenery, mostly to make all of my Alaskan friends stuck in the deep, dark winter jealous.

Find a Top 10 Holiday Park for NZ$15 per night - perfect. Call the bike shop - they sent my frame and derailleur (both parts of it) to the company to figure out the warranty. Should hear back from them in another 1-2 days. More waiting.

It's a little late, unfortunately, to do a whole lot of outdoors stuff by the time my tent is set up. Instead, I read and drink Diet Coke (I'm watching my figure, you know).

IMGP1156.JPGMan, I wish I could be running room to room in some clinic right now. Would be so much more fun!

I meet up with a ragtag group of travelers and we have a few beers. Rick (a Canadian) and I plan to do some snorkeling tomorrow. Ramona, Jo, Ernest, John, and Rick come from Germany, Switzerland, Korea, New Zealand, and Canada, respectively. It's the freakin' United Nations all over again.

This is a short post today as I have to run, but will do more tomorrow.


  1. We head to FL tomorrow for our 1/2 marathon at Disney. Won't be back til Sun, so have some good posts for us to read when we get back (I may not be moving too well and will need to just sit in one spot).

  2. I am hoping that the comment about wishing you were working was a funny joke...If not, I'll be down to shoot you tomorrow.
    Work baaad... Carefree mooching around NZ in the sun gooood. Don't forget that.
    I can see the sun from out of my office window. It's like jail in here. Sara :(


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