Monday, February 9, 2009

2/8/2009 - Call Me a Wuss

Today will be a short entry, as I finally give in and take a rest day. Crown Ridge is going to be a seriously nasty hill, though I am told that it is not as steep as Haast. Need my legs. Spend the day Internetting, wandering the town, reading, and researching campervans (as I am planning to buy one to transport me back up to Wellington and to use it as my car for the next 6 months).

I only take one picture today as the moonrise is amazing.

IMGP1664.JPG I am in a cabin tonight to avoid werewolf attacks, as I am Team Edward (those of you that get that, I learned about it from one of my female teen patients who was wearing a t-shirt with that on it).

I end up going to bed early. The weather is looking bad for late morning, and I want to be able to check out the vistas from the top of Crown Ridge, the highest paved road in New Zealand.

To make up for the short post, I will add a few funky pictures that seemed like a good idea at the time. Enjoy!

IMGP1423.JPGThis is in Masterton. I SERIOUSLY wanted to see this, though I can only bring my air guitar A-game when Guns 'n' Roses comes on.

IMGP1508.JPGOK, what pedophilic vampire lover came up with this design?! I think I had nightmares that night.

IMGP1509.JPGI have no idea how I didn't lose groceries on the 2-mile trip from the store. In Motueka.

IMGP1649.JPGThis is part of the way up Haast Pass. Unless these cattle eat rocks and moss, there are NO cattle up here. And yet, I crossed two or three of these things. Another thought: Do they think that cattle can read?!

All right, enough of that. Tomorrow is a big day.

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