Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12/12/2008 - Left. Left. Left. Left.

This is simply a continuation on the last post. At the end of that post, I was here:

IMGP0758.JPGAuckland Airport in the background. It is spitting rain.

The title of this post refers to the mantra I kept repeating in my head as I started down the road. Forgetting this would be a monumental and likely fatal mistake

Managed to bike the 5 or so miles to the campground on the anti-proper side of the road. Nice place - Ambury Campground. It is actually a working farm, and schoolkids apparently come out on weekdays to see cows being milked and whatnot.

Did I mention the manure?

The actual camp "site" is a large pasture with an electric fence around it. As a working farm, it has sheep, dogs, turkeys, and cattle. One flock of sheep is actually within this pasture/campsite apparently on some sort of work/study program to see how humans live. As I type this, there are "baaa"s and snorts around the tent. Just now, one of them quite audibly passed gas. It's living in the dorms all over again.

IMGP0760.JPGAmbury Farm campground. Smell the excitement!

Actually, once I clear out some of the manure, it's very idyllic. It also has a shower, which is FANTASTIC. OK, concrete floors and it's right next to a toilet, but the water is hot and I am able to wash my socks in addition to myself. Shave, too. I am almost presentable again. Clif bars are on the menu - delicious. It is only 7:30 at night right now, but I am going to sleep. My body has no idea what time it is and I did not sleep well on the plane. Tomorrow, will sort gear and plan on making it 28 miles if possible.

IMGP0761.JPGMy first campsite. I don't dare lock the bike to the fence as it is electrified.

Time to sleep.

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