Monday, December 29, 2008

12/24/2008 - Christmas Eve in the Southern Hemisphere

A short one today. No bicycling, just relaxing.

The morning showed a much more upbeat day.

IMGP0910.JPGThe view from Nick and Sara's house. Lloyd (a good friend of Nick and Sara) suggested they build a very large picture frame between these two trees.

Sara had to work today, so it was a boy's morning. Nick and Sara's circle of friends decided that they would make homemade gifts for each other. In a stunning display of testosterone, Nick's idea for his gift to build was to use the logs that had been sitting on their land to build a sweet bench. The selected tool for carving this masterpiece was a chainsaw. Tim the Tool Man would approve.

Despite some questionable technique, Nick finished the job with an even number of feet, toes, and hands. We held the logs together with wound rope. Solid.

Celebrated the job with beer and relaxation. Life is grand.

By the time Sara made it home, it was getting close to dinnertime. A well-deserved trip was taken to the local yacht club, which had a collection of the Kerikeri upper crust and the BEST thai curry I have ever experienced.

And more beer.

IMGP0914.JPGIn any other country, a Guinness t-shirt and jeans would not be appropriate yachting attire. New Zealand, though, comes through for me again.

IMGP0911.JPGA little hard to see everyone here at dinner. This is due to the very light outdoor conditions. For my friends in the midst of an Alaskan winter, this is called the "sun" and provides solar radiation from the sky much like a very bright northern lights.

Back home for a very serious evening of relaxation and wine. Santa is coming tonight and NORAD has already started following him. I introduce the company to this phenomenon.

I also learn that, in Britain, you leave alcohol out for Santa instead of making him bring his own. I like Britain.

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