Friday, February 27, 2009

2/21/2009 - How Do You Prepare for Kangaroos?

Today will be a really short blog. I leave tomorrow for Melbourne, Australia where I will meet my parents. From there we are going to jump on the overnight ferry to Tasmania and will then bicycle/tricycle (you'll understand in later blogs) the island.

I planned on sleeping in this morning, but the National I Love Scottish Bagpipe Music Festival decided to start tromping around right underneath my window at about 8:00AM. Every time a marching band seemed to move off into the distance, allowing me to drowse a bit, a new one would start with gusto right underneath my window again. It was like a mobile hangover. The screeches and drums finally beat me into submission at 9AM and I got up.

Spent much of the day just getting ready for the trip. I found an apartment (really nice spot out of town and close to the mountains) which is separated from the main house of Anne and her husband. She is one of the nurse educators in the clinic.

IMGP1867.JPGKitchen, bathroom, and living room of my soon-to-be abode.

IMGP1868.JPGAnd the upstairs single bedroom, complete with amnesia-inducing roof supports. Suspect that I will just have to put on a helmet every time I go upstairs, but. . .

IMGP1869.JPG. . . The view from here (shown in this picture from the end of the driveway) is worth the risk.

I was invited over for some dinner by Tracey and her son, Riley (who is tons of fun and spent much of the time working on a dam in his sandbox). Headed back to the apartment around 7:30 and rearranged all of my stuff one last time. Kayra and Kevin are going to give Zod a good home for awhile as they are looking for a car, so that is taken care of. I also move my excess stuff into the new apartment. It doesn't seem like much, but all of this managed to use up the day.

I crash out for one more night in the big downtown apartment and prepare mentally for the flight to Melbourne tomorrow. Going to be fun!

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