Friday, January 16, 2009

Another quick note. . .

For some freaky reason, when I uploaded the blog it put them out of order. Just click on the dates to the right of the page to see them in order. Sorry!

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  1. Ok I finally subscribed, I know I have done it wrong, so here goes!!!!!!!!! Ryan you look like you are having the best time.. Hmmm almost too much fun. I wanted to make your day. I wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated, you saved my life, no words, nothing I can't ever repay you for saving my life. Yes you were doing your job, but you really go above and beyond, and you care about people! Anyone lucky enough to have you as their Doctor and friend, knows this first hand. Don't forget that while you are out finding yourself (or loosing your self!!). We miss you and want the best for you but we are selfish, and want you home!!! Chris is wonderful, and yes I am being nice to him he is the best, thank you.
    Cheryl (The biggest pain in the ass you know!) ha ha ha


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